7 7 SOLID PLASTIC MATERIAL DURABILITY High-density polyethylene partitions, screens, dressing compartments and shower stalls will provide years of durable quality for high traffice facilities like schools, sports arenas and malls. Solid plastic is water resistant and unaffected by high humidity. The textured surface is not easily scratched, dented or chipped. The surface cleans easily with ordinary detergent. CONSTRUCTION Doors, panels and pilasters are one inch thick with 1/4” radius smooth edges. An optional aluminum heat sing can be installed to the bottom of doors and panels. Compartment doors and panels are 55” high and installed fourteen inches above finished floor. Pilaster are 82” high from finished floor to top of headrail. Also available in floor to ceiling construction. Maximum ceiling height 96”. MOUNTING HARDWARE AND SHOES All doors will have integral hinges, three stirrup aluminum brackets per connection with 6” high aluminum strike and surface mounted slide latch, coat hook and bumper. All shoes to be stainless steel. OPTIONAL HARDWARE Continuous brackets are available in aluminum, stainless steel and plastic. Hinges are available in: 8” round barrel wrap-around aluminum, heavy wrap-around stainless steel and continuous stainless steel piano hinge. COLOR Available in 12 standard colors. • Water, stain and grafitti resistant • Will not delaminate • Will not easily dent or chip • Ideal for high traffic areas Flushite partition with solid plastic finish.