Flu 10 FEATURES & HARDWARE CONCEALED LATCH This latch has a complete mechanism concealed within the door. Emergency access feature is standard. LEVELING DEVICE This mechanism has been designed to accelerate installation and to provide maximum rigidity at floor connection. HONEYCOMB CORE Cellular honeycomb core is bonded and laminated to face plates providing maximum adhesion. STRUCTURAL MEMBER This type of mounting, used on both our Flushart and Flushung, assures maximum rigidity and durability. CONSTRUCTION All components have an interlocking molding and are welded at intervals to insure maximum structural strength. ANTI-GRIP HEADRAIL This type of construction on all Flushite compartments avoids chinning and provides maximum rigidity, as well. Flush Metal provides a complete line of hardware. We have furnished millions of compartments and assure maximum durability of all items. The standard is Zamac chrome plating which meets all government specifications. Available in chrome plated, stainless steel or satin finishes. All compartments are furnished complete with required hardware. GENERAL CARE AND MAINTENANCE OF TOILET PARTITIONS To clean baked enamel partitions, wash with warm water, using mild soap only, rinse and dry thoroughly with a soft cloth. Do not allow cleaning agent to dry on finished surface. Do not use an abrasive material, harsh cleanser or any cleanser containing chemical detergents or acids. To maintain this high quality finish, we recommend waxing material periodically with a quality wax recommended for baked enamel finishes. CONCEALED LATCH STRUCTURAL MEMBER LEVELING DEVICE CONSTRUCTION HONEYCOMB CORE ANTI-GRIP HEADRAIL