Our Products

Flush Metal has been a leader in the partition industry for over 50 years, manufacturing bathroom partitions, showers, urinal screens, and dressing rooms. All compartments are furnished complete with quality hardware.


  • Flushite: floor-supported with anti-grip headrail, allowing maximum support for the stresses of daily use. Most economical product.
  • Flushart: require no top bracing; flush top gives a modern appearance. Specified for installations in which pilasters can be fastened to solid floors; creates a streamlined appearance.
  • Flushung: completely suspended from ceiling and wall, leaving the floor area below unobstructed. Requires structural support in ceiling; specified where ease of cleaning and maintenance are a high priority.
  • Floor to Ceiling: floor and ceiling supported that provides extreme stability. This mounting style also requires structural support in ceiling.
  • No-Sight Privacy Series: Flush Metal uses a full height, continuous stop and hinge side filler which eliminates sightline gaps around the door. Our No-Sight Privacy Series offers doors and panels 64” high and in heights up to 78”; available in all mounting styles above.


  • Powder Coated: bonderized galvanized steel cleaned and finished with high quality powder coating. Powder coated finish provides maximum durability and is available in a wide range of colors.
  • Stainless Steel: feature extreme durability and lustrous appearance. Pilaster, door, and partition panels can be cleaned and maintained with great ease. Recommended for areas of high humidity.
  • Plastic Laminate: made of quality plastic laminate surface material, applied with adhesive. A wide range of designer colors is available.
  • Phenolic: extremely versatile, with components available in patterns and colors of high-pressure plastic laminate. Well suited for high humidity environments.
  • Solid Plastic: water resistant and unaffected by high humidity. The textured surface is not easily scratched, dented or chipped. The surface cleans easily with ordinary detergent.

Other Products Offered

  • Urinal screens and shower units with or without dressing compartments. A complete line of hardware is available in chrome plated brass, stainless steel, or satin finishes.